pixelcraft innovation

We are a friendly innovation lab focused on developing strategies, tools and templates to make working with information more fun for you and your audience. We are based in Germany with offices in Leipzig, Mainz and Cologne. Due to our current focus in developing content systems we can only work on select projects upon inquiry. Contact our agency branch for strategy design consultancy informed by our processes and methods (in German).

Presentation System

Sometimes our work on content systems yields results we can share with the world. One of our recent developments is a production kit for communication with Microsoft Office. Including templates and material for in-house training. If you want your slides to do more work for you and if you want to learn to use Office to create compelling content, please drop us a line.

Digital Printing Press

If you came to this site looking for our digital printing press, you can find an archived version of that here: [pxpress]. Now, this is an old snapshot and we are developing two parallel avenues from there. Our agnostic web publishing framework. And a parser that transforms text into interactive content. Stay tuned.

logo EFRE-EU

On the development of the latter we have exciting news: We've been granted funds to bring an innovative approach to market.